Use these Garden Reference Tools to make gardening even easier:

Planting and Water Guides

Plant with Confidence
Water with Purpose


The Importance of Mulch
Mulch Calculator

Lawn Care

Cool Season Lawn Care Recommendations
Warm Season Lawn Care Recommendations
Fall Lawn Renovation


Summer Pruning List
Ken Matthews Garden Center Pruning Guide
Virginia Cooperative Extension Pruning Calendar
Virginia Cooperative Extension Pruning Guide

Edible Gardening

Starting a Vegetable Garden
Starting an Herb Garden
Starting Seeds
Growing Fruit Trees & Shrubs
Harvest Timetable
Compatible and Combative Plants
Harvesting, Drying and Freezing Herbs
Common Herbs & Their Uses


Designing an Outdoor Pond
Pond Components
Calculating Liner Size
Introducing Fish To Your Pond
How to Divide Pond Plants
Winterizing Your Pond
Coping With Algae
Designing a Container Water Garden


How to Store Tender Bulbs Over Winter


Deer Resistant Plants
Plants For Attracting Pollinators
Native Plants
Drought Tolerant Plants
Plants for Coastal Areas
Shade Tolerant Plants
Plants for Rain Gardens
Plants for Attracting Birds
Crepe Myrtle Varieties for Virginia
Plant Care Guides


The Garden Post: Archived Issues

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