Monthly Checklist: March

A list of what you might need during March.

Lawn Care

  • Jonathan Green Crabgrass Pre-Emergent
    • For Cool Season Lawns if it wasn’t applied last month.
    • For Warm Season Lawns once soil reaches 50°.
  • Jonathan Green Lawn Weed Control
    • For Cool Season Lawns if you are not applying a Pre-Emergent this month.

Garden Beds

  • Lobster Compost to add organic matter and break up clay soils, in preparation of spring planting.
  • pH Test Kit to check the pH of your soil, most plants do best between 6.0 and 7.5.
  • Mag-I-Cal to raise your pH if it’s too low.
  • Sulphur to lower your pH if it’s too high.
  • Preen to prevent weeds from germinating in your beds.

Insect & Disease Control

  • All Season Oil to kill and overwintering insects and eggs, and clear up fungal issues like powdery mildew
  • Orchard Spray for disease and insect protection on fruit trees. Can be used throughout the growing season until harvest.


With spring on it’s way, trees and shrubs will be coming out of dormancy which means it’s time to feed them!

  • Espoma HollyTone for acid loving trees and shrubs. It’s organic so it can be used on blueberries too!
  • Fertilome Tree and Shrub for all over tree and shrub fertilization.
  • Dr Earth Natural Wonder Fruit Tree Fertilizer. Specifically formulated for fruit trees (which should be arriving any day now!)

Pond Care

  • Spring & Fall Fish Food. Wait to start feeding until water temperatures are regularly 50° or higher.


  • Coast of Maine Raised Bed Soil to refresh old or build new raised beds.
  • Root Stimulant encourages root growth and guards against transplant shock and should be used whenever planting a new tree or shrub.
  • Vole Bags, mesh bags that go around the roots of new plants to protect them from hungry voles. Use whenever planting new trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and bulbs.
  • Birdseed & Suet. March can still be cold which means your local birds will greatly appreciate you keeping your feeders full this month.