Monthly Checklist: March

Lawn Care

  • Jonathan Green Crabgrass Pre-Emergent – Can be applied to warm season lawns once soil temperatures are above 50°. If you have a cool season lawn and didn’t apply last month, there’s still time this month to get it down.
  • Jonathan Green Lawn Weed Control – Can be applied to cool season lawns to control broadleaf weeds. (Wait 30 days to apply if you applied Crabgrass Pre-Emergent this month.)

Insect & Disease Control

  • All Season Oil – To kill overwintering insects and eggs.
  • Orchard Spray – Can be applied to fruit trees and shrubs to protect them from disease and insects.

Garden Beds

Prep your beds for spring planting!

  • Lobster Compost – Use Lobster Compost when planting trees, shrubs and perennials to improve your soil and add nutrients.
  • Preen – Use Preen to prevent weeds in your garden beds so you aren’t spending your summer hand-pulling them out later.
  • Mulch – Make sure to mulch your beds and around trees. Mulch helps keep soil moist and smothers weeds.


Feed your plants (new and old) to give them the boost they need to flourish! 

  • Holly Tone – To feed your acid loving trees and shrubs.
  • Fertilome Tree & Shrub – An all-purpose fertilizer for most trees and shrubs.

Pond Care

  • Spring & Fall Fish Food – Wait until water temperatures are consistently 50° or above before feeding.


  • Raised Bed Soil – Ready to use Raised Bed Soil eliminates the need to make your own. Use it whenever you’re starting a new bed or to refresh an existing one. Also works great in outdoor containers!
  • Potting Soil – Perfect for indoor containers, outdoor containers and hanging baskets.
  • Root Stimulant – Encourage new root development and prevent transplant shock in new plantings.
  • Vole Bags – Use around the root ball of your new plants to prevent hungry voles from chowing down on the root systems.