Monthly Checklist: March

Lawn Care

  • Jonathan Green Crabgrass Pre-Emergent can be applied to warm season lawns once soil temperatures are above 50°. If you have a cool season lawn and didn’t apply last month, there’s still time this month to get it down.
  • Jonathan Green Lawn Weed Control can be applied to cool season lawns to control broadleaf weeds. (Wait 30 days to apply if you applied Crabgrass Pre-Emergent this month.)

Insect & Disease Control

  • All Season Oil kills overwintering insects and eggs.
  • Orchard Spray can be applied to fruit trees and shrubs to protect them from disease and insects.

Garden Beds

Prep your beds for spring planting!

  • Lobster Compost should be used when planting trees, shrubs and perennials to improve your soil and add nutrients.
  • Preen to prevent weeds in your garden beds so you aren’t spending your summer hand-pulling them out later.
  • Mulch helps keep soil moist and smothers weeds.


Feed your plants (new and old) to give them the boost they need to flourish! 

  • Holly Tone for feeding your acid loving trees and shrubs.
  • Fertilome Tree & Shrub – An all-purpose fertilizer for most trees and shrubs.

Pond Care

  • Spring & Fall Fish Food. Wait until water temperatures are consistently 50° or above before feeding.


  • Raised Bed Soil. Ready to use Raised Bed Soil eliminates the need to make your own. Use it whenever you’re starting a new bed or to refresh an existing one. Also works great in outdoor containers!
  • Potting Soil is perfect for indoor containers, outdoor containers and hanging baskets.
  • Root Stimulant to encourage new root development and prevent transplant shock in new plantings.
  • Vole Bags for use around the root ball of your new plants to prevent hungry voles from chowing down on the root systems.