Whether you’re looking to build a veggie garden, pot up some containers or take care of a pest problem, Ken Matthews Garden Center has what you need to grow happy, healthy plants!

Soils, Compost and Mulch

We carry a large variety of potting soils, including specialty soils for cactus and orchids. We also offer top soil and shredded hardwood mulch in both bags and bulk.

Our Coast of Maine Organic Raised Bed Soil is a premade and ready to use soil formulated for raised beds. No need to make your own anymore!

Coast of Maine Lobster Compost is the only compost made with crushed lobster shells. Use it to amend substandard garden beds, to refresh raised bed and container soils and every time you plant trees, shrubs and perennials.


We carry a large variety of fertilizers for every plant under the sun! From Fox Farms’ organic vegetable, flower, fruit and citrus fertilizers to HollyTone (perfect for azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and all other acid loving trees and shrubs) to all purpose fertilizers for houseplants, trees and shrubs.

Insect Controls

If you have bugs, we have the solutions! Organic controls (Neem Oil and Bee Safe) make quick work of most insects and are safe to use on edibles until the day before harvest. Use Rose RX to prevent insect problems before they begin and eliminate Japanese Beetles with Eight Insecticide.

Fungal Controls

Use Neem Oil, Rose Shield, Fungonil or Copper Fungicide to clear up and prevent fungal issues like Powdery Mildew, Rust and Leaf Spot.


If you need a container, we have them! Ceramic, terra cotta, plastic and concrete planters in tons of shapes, sizes and colors. There’s plenty of hanging baskets, coco liners and pre-fabricated Raised Beds as well.


We have gloves, trowels, kneeling pads, pruning shears and more to get you ready to maintain anything and everything you plant, indoors and out!


Support those vines! We have a variety of trellises, arbors and stakes to support your climbing plants.

We strongly recommend staking trees for the first few years after planting, to ensure they grow straight and aren’t blown over by strong winds. We carry sturdy tree stakes and tree stake kits to keep your trees upright until they’ve established themselves.