Introducing Fish to Your Pond

The following are some suggestions to make the transition of fish from one pond to another easier:

  1. Always, always check the pH of your pond’s water and know what the pH is of the water where the fish are currently living. A change of one degree in pH can be fatal to new fish.
  2. Float the newly purchased fish in the bag for 10 to 15 minutes to equalize the water temperature in the bag.
  3. Add some of your water to the bag and float again for 10 minutes. Repeat this process twice more.
  4. Then pour the fish into a net, letting the water in the bag spill onto your lawn. Then put the net into the pond slowly releasing the fish into your pond. It is never good to introduce someone else’s water into your pond.
  5. Don’t overload your pond or your bio-filter. Add only one or two fish at a time, making sure they are adjusted and the pond is rebalanced before adding more. Even the most industrious snails and grasses cannot keep up with a pond that is suddenly overloaded with fish.
  6. The rule of thumb regarding fish is no more than one inch of fish per 10 gallons of water!

Feeding Fish

When water temperatures are 60° and above, feed your fish Tetra Koi Vibrance for Koi and Goldfish. When water temperature fall between 50° and 60°F, switch to Tetra Spring & Fall Diet. Do not feed your fish when water temperatures are below 50°F.