Monthly Checklist: January

Lawn Care

There’s not much you need to do for your lawn this month.

  • Weed Beater Ultra – To kill any cool season weeds like Henbit and Chickweed.

Insect & Disease Control

Luckily, most insects aren’t active this time of the year and fungal diseases prefer warmer temperatures.

  • All Season Oil – To kill overwintering insects and eggs on most plants.

Animal Repellents

With food sources more limited during the cooler months, hungry critters may turn to your garden and landscape for a snack. These animal repellants will help discourage them.

  • Liquid Fence – Can be sprayed directly onto your plants to protect them from hungry deer and rabbits.
  • Deer Scram – Creates a powerful barrier around your plants to protect them from deer.
  • Repels All – An excellent all-purpose repellant if your critter problems go beyond the standard deer and rabbits.
  • Hot Pepper Wax – A spicy, natural alternative to repels all and is safe to use on veggies and herbs (but make sure you rinse off your edibles before you eat them, or you’re in for a spicy surprise!)
  • Mole Max – Drives away moles, voles and other ground dwelling rodents naturally.


  • Frost Cloths – To protect your more tender plants from extreme temperatures.
  • pH Test Strips – To check the pH of your soil. It’s a good idea to check at least once a year, especially if you plan on adding new plants to your garden or landscape in spring.
  • Mag-I-Cal – To raise the pH of soil if it’s acidic.
  • Birdseed & Suet – Keep your birdfeeders full and local birds happy.