Pond Components

Below is a list of common pond components and their uses.


  • Pump: Circulates water. Select a pump that can handle the size of your pond, pumps will be labeled with how many gallons of water they can circulate (GPH).  
    • For Goldfish pond, should circulate entire water system at least every four hours
    • For Koi ponds, should circulate entire water system once an hour
  • Bio-Filter: Internal or external, provides a place for beneficial bacteria to grow.
  • Skimmer: Works like a swimming pool skimmer, makes cleaning your pond a breeze. Low maintenance and easy to hide.


  • Floaters: Any plant that floats on the surface of the pond.
    • Water Lettuce
    • Water Hyacinth
    • Neptune’s Crown
  • Marginals: Any plant that can be submerged in the pond with 1”- 6” water over the top of the pot. Usually placed on plant shelves, can be hardy or tropical.
    • Iris
    • Rush
    • Papyrus
    • Calla
  • Submerged: Plants are submerged and remain fully underwater.
    • Anachris
  • Emergent: Submerged plants that send up leaves and flowers that float on the water’s surface.
    • Water Lilies (Hardy & Tropical)
    • Lotus


  • Koi
    • Jewel colored fish that grow no matter what size their pond is. Omnivores, will eat plants and baby fish. Demand good water quality.
  • Goldfish
    • Growth is controlled by the size of their pond. Excellent choice to put in large or small ponds. Can be divided into several different types.
      • Comets: Orange fish, sometimes with long flowing tails
      • Sarassa: Red and white comets
      • Shubunkins: Goldfish with blue undertones
      • Fancy Fantails: Goldfish with double-jointed tails, sometimes with interesting heads, i.e. Orandas, Lionheads, etc.