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Culinary Herbs

When starting an herb garden, it’s best to pick herbs that you will use. For beginners, it can be especially difficult to figure out what you’ll need starting out. To make your selection process a little easier, we’ve compiled this list of common herbs and categorized them by type of cuisine! Although there are other […]

Plant of the Month: Yew

Yews are a diverse group of evergreens with fringelike foliage that can are highly tolerant to most growing conditions. Height and growth habit vary between varieties, meaning there is a yew for almost every need. Taller, upright varieties like Fastigiata work well for framing entryways or planted closely together to form privacy screens. Varieties like […]

Plant of the Month: Spruces

These evergreen conifers are known for their upright pyramidal growth. Some varieties are even grown by Christmas tree farms specifically for their shape. Heights vary between varieties, with most averaging between 30-60 feet tall at maturity. Dwarf varieties do exist, allowing those of us with smaller yards to enjoy these trees too. Care Full sun, […]