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Xanadu Philodendron Care

It’s said that Xanadus look better with age and it’s true. As these philodendrons grow, the lobes of their leaves become more and more defined, creating that signature ridged look. Light – Moderate to bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight which can cause leaf scorch. Water – Allow to dry out approximately half way before […]

Succulent Care

Succulents come in many shapes and sizes, but they all want pretty much the same thing: lots of light and minimal water. Light – Bright light. Succulents can handle direct sunlight, but may scorch in summer. Water – Allow succulents to dry out completely before saturating the soil. *Some potting soils may take a while […]

Schefflera Care

Also known as Umbrella Tree, this indoor tree comes in both full size and dwarf varieties. Light – Bright, indirect light is preferred though they can tolerate moderate light. Avoid direct sunlight, which can cause leaf scorch, and low light which can lead to plant decline. Water – Allow Schefflera to dry out at least […]