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Sansevieria Care

Sansevieria, also known as Snake Plant and Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, are a popular, easy to care for houseplant that is can handle just about anything you throw at them. These plants come in a multitude of colors and patterns and do well in just about every environment. Light – Sansevieria can adapt to nearly all light […]

Rubber Plant Care

Members of the Ficus family, Rubber Plants are easy to care indoor trees. There are multiple varieties of Rubber Trees like Ruby, Tineke and Burgundy, but their care is the same. Light – Bright, indirect light is ideal. Can tolerate moderate light, but low light can result in plant decline. Avoid direct sunlight which can […]

Rex Begonia Care

Rex Begonias are grown for their spectacular foliage which comes in various patterns and colors. While these plants do flower, their flowers are negligible and can be pinched back to encourage better leaf development. Light – Bright, indirect light is ideal though they can tolerate more moderate light levels. Avoid direct sunlight which can lead […]

Prayer Plant Care

Named in reference to the way their leaves fold at night, Prayer Plants are easy plants to care for and do well in multiple environments. Light – Low to Moderate light is ideal, though they can handle brighter, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight or the leaves can get scorched. Water – Water Prayer Plants once […]

Pothos Care

Also known as Devil’s Ivy, Pothos is an easy to care for trailing plant that does well in most environments. Perfect for beginners, it’s a very forgiving plant that doesn’t need much care. Light – Pothos does well in many types of light; however, direct sunlight can cause leaf scorch. Variegated varieties, like Marble Queen, […]