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Polka Dot Plant Care

This colorful cutie, also known as Freckle Face, can be grown outdoors as a warm season annual or indoors as a houseplant. The care information below is specifically for indoor plants. Light – It’s important to give Polka Dot Plants plenty of indirect, bright light. In lower light levels, their brilliant colors will begin to […]

Pilea Care

Pilea are easy to care for houseplants that are perfect for beginners. There are multiple different varieties of Pilea, with the most popular being the Chinese Money Plant (also known as the Friendship Plant, Pancake Plant and the Sharing Plant). Other varieties include Aluminum Plant, Moon Valley Pilea and Creeping Charlie and are just as […]

Peperomia Care

Peperomias are easy care, low maintenance plants that come in a wide assortment of colors and growth habits. Their care is similar to the care of succulents and cacti, so they’re a perfect step-up for new plant parents. Light – Medium to bright, indirect light is preferred though they can adapt to low light. Water […]

Peace Lily Care

These beautiful indoor plants are full of lush green leaves and bloom almost constantly. They’re easy to care for and highly adaptable to many growing environments. Light – While Peace Lilies do best in moderate, to bright, indirect light, they’re very tolerant of low light too, although they will flower less as a result. Avoid […]

Parlor Palm Care

These indoor palm trees are a beautiful addition to any home or office. Their low care needs and adaptability to most environments makes them a good choice for new gardeners too. Light – Adaptable to most kinds of light, though direct sunlight should be avoided. Water – Water once to top 1 to 2 inches […]