January Plant of the Month: Arborvitae

Arborvitae are evergreens suitable for a wide variety of uses in the garden. Larger growing varieties, like Green Giant, are excellent replacements for Leyland Cypress. Lower growing varieties, like Emerald Green, are perfect for smaller areas in the garden, near patios, walkways and driveways without the worry of surface roots causing damage. Dwarf varieties, like […]

Hoya Plant Care

Also known as Wax Leaf Plants due to their thick, waxy leaves. Hoya are beautiful trailing plants with the low maintenance care of a succulents! Light – Bright, indirect light. Direct afternoon light can lead to leaf scorching. Tolerant of moderate and low light, but will not bloom. Water – Allow to dry out completely […]

Coffee Plant Care

Shiny, green leaves and an attractive shape make this tree an excellent addition to your collection! Light – Moderate to bright, indirect light. Can tolerate low light, but might become leggy. Avoid direct sunlight. Water – Water once the top third of the soil is dry. Never allow your Coffee Plant to fully dry out. […]