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Summer Loving Plants

Summer Love

  Picture: Buddleia Blaze Pink   Looking for blooms all summer? Check out the shrubs below plus they can hang with the heat and humidity! Butterfly Bush  Roses – Knockouts and Traditional Dwarf Spirea varieties Limelight Hydrangea and Hydrangea varieties Althea   Picture: Barberry Admiration   Want some awesome texture and brilliant foliage color? These are […]

April Garden Tips

Ornamental Trees and Shrubs Plant trees, shrubs perennials and annuals now. Examine shrubs for winter injury. Prune out all dead and weakened wood. Prune spring flowering shrubs such as Azaleas and Camellias after they finish blooming. Begin planting out summer bulbs such as caladiums, gladiolus and calla lily Lawns Continue broadleaf weed control – Bonide […]

November Gardening Tips

Apply your third application of fertilizer to fescue lawns now.  Use Jonathan Green Winter Survival Fertilizer. Covering ponds with bird netting will prevent predatory birds from attacking your fish and will keep leaves from fouling the water. Rotting organic matter can cause oxygen depletion and can kill your fish. Continue to water throughout fall, especially evergreens […]