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March Gardening Tips

If you haven’t already, then as soon as possible… here is a March “must do” list! Annuals, Perennials and Bulbs in the Garden There is often a strong temptation to start removing winter mulches from your flower beds…. WAIT!!! Pull the mulch off gradually as the plants show signs of new growth. The purpose of winter mulch […]

January Gardening Tips

Prepare plant beds or seed boxes for growing plants such as tomato, pepper, and eggplant by turning the soil and amending with Lobster Compost.  Have beds ready for planting in early February. Prune any damaged or dead branches from your trees and shrubs. To control insects and disease on fruit trees and other ornamentals, apply Bonide All […]

Creating A Backyard Bird Habitat Seminar

Learn the basics on how to transform your backyard into a bird sanctuary… and how to care and keep your flock once they move in. Throughout this workshop our experts will be here to answer all of your questions. Presenter: Danielle – Garden Associate &Backyard Birding EnthusiastCost: FREE!When: Saturday, February 9, 11 AM