February Gardening Tips

February is a busy time in the garden!  Besides pruning, here are some other highlights for the month.

  • Keep watering if there is no rain – Water shrubs in your landscape throughout the winter if the soil is dry. Evergreen plants transpire water from their leaves whenever the air temperature is above 40 degrees F.
  • February is an ideal time to prune fruit trees and if necessary, shade trees, roses, ornamental grasses and liriope.
  • Late February/March is also the time to spray fruit trees, roses and other trees and shrubs with a dormant oil spray.  Dormant oil spray like Bonide All Seasons Oil, should only be applied if the temperature is above freezing.  Dormant oil sprays are recommended if your plants had a problem with insects the previous year.


  • Work your garden for early-spring veggies as soon as possible.  Make sure to do a pH test.  Apply Mag-i-cal, if your soil tests indicate a need.
  • Rabbits Snacking on Evergreens?   Apply Bonide Hot Pepper Wax Spray which will “stick” around all winter!  Spray all plant parts susceptible to nibbling.


  • Continue feeding birds in your garden.  Try dried Meal worms – one of our staff favorites.  Natural food sources are very scarce at this time of yea r.  Water is also important for birds, so if you have a birdbath in your garden, be sure to use a de-icer to prevent the water from freezing.
  • Apply Jonathan Green Crabgrass Preventer to your lawn
  • Take action against Invasives.  Remove weedy vines now while many garden plants are still leafless. Control or eliminate English Ivy.  Do not allow it to climb trees so it can escape and take over.
  • Shake up your compost.  Turn your compost pile once this month. You can also start new piles from fallen leaves any time. A tip from the Pros – add lime every now and then to accelerate decomposition.
  • Start seeds indoors.  Need a grow light?  Try Sunblaster bulbs this season. Keep lights very close to the tops of seedlings, and move the lights up as the plants grow. Seeds to start now:  Broccoli, Cabbage, Bok Choi, Lettuces and Cool season flowers like Calendulas, Forget-Me-Not and Phlox.  Wait to start warm season seeds indoors until early March.  Plan your vegetable crop rotation now for the coming season.
  • Happy Houseplants – Give houseplants lots of TLC, since the end of winter is their toughest time. Remove leggy growth (which you can root), pinch them back, and take out dead branches, leaves, and flowers.