Yucca Gigantea Plant Care

A hardy desert plant that does well in multiple environments and requires minimal care.

Light – Bright, indirect light preferred, but can tolerate moderate light.

Water – Allow to dry out at least halfway before watering. Do not allow to sit in water.

Soil – A quick drying soil, like Espoma Cactus Soil, is a great choice to help prevent overwatering.

Temperature – While Yucca Gigantea prefers temperatures between 65° and 75°, they can handle temperatures from 30° to 90°

Humidity – Hailing from the desert, Yucca is perfectly fine in average to low humidity.

Fertilization – Feed during spring, summer and early fall with a balanced fertilizer, like Bonide Liquid Plant Food, according to the label’s instructions. There is no need to fertilize during winter.

Size – Yucca Gigantea can reach up to 20’ tall at maturity, but due to its slow growth rate it will take many years to achieve that height.

Repotting – Due to its slow growth and fondness of being pot-bound, you won’t have to repot Yucca more than once every 3-4 years. When you do repot, select a container no more than 1-2 sizes larger than the current container.

Propagation – Easily propagated by pups, once the new plant has developed a strong enough root system to support itself.

Toxicity – Considered non-toxic to people, but toxic to pets and horses. The sharp leaves can cut and cause minor skin irritation, so keep Yucca in a location away from children.