Calathea Care

Calthea have some of the most colorful and eye catching foliage among houseplants. They’re also low maintenance and do well in multiple environments. Prayer Plants are a member of the Calathea family.

Light – Bright, indirect to medium light are preferred, but they are tolerant of low light areas as well. Avoid direct sunlight, which can lead to leaf scorch.

Water – Allow Calathea to dry out approximately halfway before watering as they are not overly fond of wet feet.

Soil – Any well-draining potting soil will work well. Alternatively, a quick drying soil, like Espoma African Violet Potting Soil, can help prevent overwatering.

Temperature – Calatheas enjoy temperatures between 65° and 80°. Do not expose to temperatures below 55° and protect them from drafts.

Humidity – Moderate to high levels of humidity are ideal. Do not mist Calatheas to raise humidity, instead set a tray of pebbles and water or a humidifier nearby.

Fertilization – Fertilize every couple of weeks spring through fall and reduce to fertilizing monthly during winter. Use a balanced fertilizer like Bonide Liquid Plant Food.

Size – Sizing varies depending on the variety of Calathea, but most average 6-12 inches tall and wide.

Repotting – Repot Calthea every 2 to 3 years. Select a container with good drainage and no more than 2 sizes larger than the current one.

Propagation – Easily propagated by dividing plants during repotting or by cuttings.

Toxicity – Considered non-toxic to people and pets.