Rex Begonia Care

Rex Begonias are grown for their spectacular foliage which comes in various patterns and colors. While these plants do flower, their flowers are negligible and can be pinched back to encourage better leaf development.

Light – Bright, indirect light is ideal though they can tolerate more moderate light levels. Avoid direct sunlight which can lead to scorched leaves.

Water – Water once the top third of the soil is dry. Avoid getting water on the leaves as wet leaves can lead to fungal disease. A self watering pot or setting a container with drainage holes into a dish with water is an easy method of watering without worrying about the leaves. Pour out excess water after 15 to 20 minutes. Be careful not to overwater as Rex Begonias are susceptible to root rot if soil stays too wet.

Soil – Rex Begonias do best in well-draining potting soil like Espoma Potting Soil.

Temperature – Temperatures between 65° and 80° is ideal. Do not expose Rex Begonias to temperatures below 55° and protect them from drafts.

Humidity – Rex Begonias prefer high humidity levels but due to their dislike of wet leaves, do not mist them. Instead, set a tray of pebbles and water or a humidifier nearby.

Fertilization – Fertilize with a balanced fertilizer, like Bonide Liquid Plant Food, every couple of weeks.

Size – Reaches approximately 12 to 18 inches tall and wide.

Repotting – Rex Begonias prefer to be slightly pot bound before they’re repotted. Once it’s time to repot, select a container no more than 1 size larger than its current pot with good drainage.

Propagation – Easily propagated via leaf cuttings or dividing plants during repotting.

Toxicity – Moderately toxic to people and plants if ingested.