Crepe Myrtle Varieties for Virginia

Crepe Myrtles are stunning flowering trees that come in all shapes, size and plenty of color options! They’re a southern garden staple and bloom each summer for up to 100 days!

Below are some of the best varieties for Virginia. Please be aware that we may not have every variety listed in stock at all times.

Dwarf shrub or ground cover 3 – 5 feet      
Centennial Bright Purple Tan Orange Compact Globe
Pocomoke Deep Rose Pink Light Gray Bronze Red Compact Miniature
Victor Dark Red Tan Yellow Compact Upright
Semi-dwarf shrub 5 – 10 feet      
Acoma White* Light Gray Red Purple Spreading Semipendulous
Hopi Light Pink* Light Gray Brown Orange Red Dense, Rounded
Tonto Fuchsia Cream to Taupe Maroon Dense
Large shrub to small tree 10 to 20 feet      
Catawba Violet Purple Light Gray Brown Red Orange Dense
Centennial Spirit Dark Wine Red Beige Red Orange Upright
Osage Clear Pink* Mottled Chestnut Brown Red Open Spreading
Pink Velour Hot Pink Tan Red Upright
Raspberry Sundae Pink Red w/White Tan Maroon Almost Columnar
Sioux Dark Pink Med. Gray Brown Red Purple Dense Upright
Large tree 20 feet and larger      
Dynamite Cherry Red Light Beige Crimson Upright Rounded
Miami Dark Coral Pink Dark Chestnut Brown Red Orange Rounded Vase
Muskogee Light Lavender Light Gray Brown Red Orange Broad Tall
Natchez White Cinnamon Brown Yellow to Red Orange Tall Arching
Potomac Clear Pink Light Gray Brown Yellow Orange Upright
Red Rocket Cherry Red Tan Red Orange Upright
Tuscarora Dark Coral Pink* Mottled Light Brown Red Orange Vase
Tuskegee Dark Pink to Red Mottled Light Gray to Tan Red Orange Broad
*High Recurrent Flowering