November Gardening Tips

  • Apply your third application of fertilizer to fescue lawns now.  Use Jonathan Green Winter Survival Fertilizer.
  • Covering ponds with bird netting will prevent predatory birds from attacking your fish and will keep leaves from fouling the water. Rotting organic matter can cause oxygen depletion and can kill your fish.
  • Continue to water throughout fall, especially evergreens and newly planted trees and shrubs, until weather cools and frost is common.
  • Cut back and clean up perennial gardens.
  • Clean up leaves weekly, especially on newly seeded lawns.
  • Window box decorations – insert evergreen branches into the soil; most will hold their needles until spring. Add holly branches, bittersweet and strawflowers for color.
  • Use Bonide All Seasons Oil on fruit and deciduous trees, shrubs and bushes. This kills overwintering insects like scales, mites, red spiders, gypsy moth and tent caterpillars. Dormant spraying should be done in the late fall and again early in the spring before budding occurs.
  • Take a walk – walk around your garden with your garden notebook and makes notes on what you need to change or add in the spring. Think about blooms, leaf color and texture, height, etc. Enjoy your garden before it goes to sleep for the winter.
  • Christmas indoor blooms – plant paper white narcissus bulbs in 2″ of stones with water and put on windowsill. Keep watering. Bring in amaryllis bulbs now and plant lower half of the bulb in soil in small pots – no more than 1″ around the bulb. You’ll have beautiful paper whites and amaryllis blossoming by Christmas.