Plant of the Month: Spirea

Add wow to your summer garden! Also known as Meadowsweet, these shrubs bloom profusely beginning in mid to late spring and into summer. Featuring showy pink, red or white flowers, Spirea works well as a border or a mass planting. In addition to their spring and summer blooms, Spirea also boast fantastic fall color. Depending on variety, they average 2’-6’ at maturity.

Full sun, at least 6 hours per day.

Well-draining soil with a pH between 6.5 and 8.0. Drought tolerant once established.

Prune immediately after blooming ends. Depending on variety, pruning can result in a secondary bloom later in summer.

Fertilize beginning in spring with a fertilizer for flowering shrubs, like Fox Farm Fruit and Flower

Some of our favorite varieties

Double Play Artisan

Double Play Artisan – Averaging 2 -2.5 feet tall, Artisan adds season long color to the landscape. New growth emerges as a deep purple in spring before turning green as the leaves mature, around the same time that the dusty pink flowers begin blooming for the summer! Rarely requires pruning.

Double Play Doozie

Double Play Doozie – Doozie wows with red new growth in spring that, like Artisan, changes green as the foliage matures. Bright pink flowers begin to emerge in late spring/early summer and last for weeks. Averages 2-3 feet tall and rarely requires pruning!

Double Play Gold

Double Play Gold – The most eye-catching of all the spirea varieties, Gold’s new growth emerges a dusty purple in spring that brightens to a gorgeous gold and finally ends a bright green just as the hot pink flowers begin to bloom. One of the smaller varieties, Gold averages 1.2-2 feet tall.

Bridal Wreath

Bridal Wreath – Averaging 4-6 feet tall, Bridal Wreath’s weeping branches bloom profusely in spring, with clusters of tiny white flowers coating each stem from tip to base, creating one stunning display!

Little Princess

Little Princess – This spreading spirea makes for a perfect border plant, Little Princess adds a delicate touch of color with its light pink blooms in summer. Averages 2 feet tall and up to 6 feet wide.