Plant of the Week: Coral Bells

Heuchera, more commonly known as Coral Bells, is a fabulous shade perennial that’s practically an evergreen in Hampton Roads. While primarily grown for its colorful foliage, which comes in various shades of green, red, orange and purple, it blooms graceful bell-shaped flowers on tall stems beginning in late spring. Hummingbirds frequently visit those flowers all summer long.

Coral Bells average 12 to 24 inches tall, though the flower stalks can get up to 36 inches tall. Perfect for mass plantings, borders and are beautiful in containers.

Part to full shade. Avoid direct afternoon sun to prevent leaf scorch.

Moist, well-draining soil. Not drought tolerant, apply mulch around base of plant to retain moisture.

Coral Bells rarely wants fertilization, but should the need arise, an all-purpose fertilizer like Dr. Earth Life is a great choice.

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