Plant of the Week: Flowering Cherry

These ornamental flowering trees are best known for their prolific white or pink blooms in early spring, a sure sign that winter is over. The Yoshino Cherry is the showstopper of the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC every April. Ornamental cherries bear no fruit and can be upright or weeping. They also feature gorgeous fall color in shades of orange and gold. Beautiful specimen trees for any landscape.


Full Sun (at least 6 hours per day).

Highly adaptable to most soil conditions, they do best in moist, well-draining soil with a pH of 6.5-7.0.

Moderately drought tolerant once established.

Fertilize once in spring and once in fall with a tree and shrub fertilizer like Fertilome Tree and Shrub.

Prune for structure in late winter while the tree is dormant.

Our Favorite Varieties

White Yoshino Cherry

Yoshino – The classic flowering cherry. 30′ to 40′ tall at maturity with either light pink or white blossoms.

Okame Cherry

Okame – Averaging 20′ to 30′ tall at maturity. Blooms are a darker shade of pink than the Yoshino.

Kwansan Cherry Blossoms

Kwansan – A double-flowering cherry tree variety that boasts heavily petaled, medium pink flowers that bloom in clusters. Average 30′ to 40′ at maturity.

Higan Cherry

Autumn Cherry – Another double-flowering cherry with ruffled, pale to medium pink flowers that bloom in clusters. Averages 20′ to 30′ tall at maturity.

Weeping Higan

Weeping Higan – A weeping variety of cherry with clusters of ruffled, pale or medium pink flowers. Averages 15′ to 25′ at maturity.