Plant of the Week: Redbuds

Redbuds are known for their beautiful flowers in early spring. These moderate growers can reach 15’-30’ tall at maturity. After their blooms fade, their heart shaped leaves emerge. In fall, those leaves turn a gorgeous gold. The perfect small lawn or garden tree for southern gardens!

Part shade (at least 4 hours of sun needed in order to bloom).

Moderately drought tolerant once established.

Prefer moist, well-draining soil with a pH of 6.5-7.5; however, they are adaptive to more acidic soils.

Fertilize once in spring and once in fall with a tree and shrub fertilizer like Fertilome Tree and Shrub.

Redbuds don’t require pruning, just the removal of dead or damaged branches, which can be done at any time.

Our Favorite Varieties

Carolina Sweetheart Redbud

Carolina Sweetheart – 20’ to 30’ tall at maturity. Apart from it’s beautiful purple spring flowers, this tree boast unique heart shaped leaves that emerge in shades of pinks before fully turning green.


Eastern Redbud

Eastern – 20’ to 30’ tall at maturity with hot-pink flowers in early spring. It’s heart-shaped leaves are bright green spring and summer before turning golden yellow in the fall.


Lavender Twist Redbud

Lavender Twist – 5’ to 6’ tall at maturity, this dwarf variety makes up for the lack of height with its gorgeous weeping habit. Soft purple flowers give lead the way for cascading, heart shaped leaves as spring settles in.

Lavender Twist Redbud in bloom

Ruby Falls – 6’ to 8’ tall at maturity. Similar to Lavender Twist, Ruby Falls stands out due to its burgundy leaves.

Ruby Falls Redbud