Plant of the Week: Magnolia Jane

This magnolia variety boasts beautiful, large pinkish-purple blooms in very early spring before leaves emerge, making it an excellent addition to any southern garden. Slow growing, Magnolia Jane can reach 10-15’ tall and 6-10’ wide at maturity. Unlike most other magnolias, Jane loses its leaves in winter.


Full to part sun, with a preference for morning sun and afternoon shade.

Prefers moist, well draining soil with a pH of 5.0-6.5. Amend clay soils with Lobster Compost to increase drainage.

Fairly drought tolerant once established, Jane is not tolerant of wet soil or sitting water.

Generally does not require pruning. If pruning is desired, it should be done after the flowers have finished blooming.

Fertilize in spring and fall with an acidic fertilizer like HollyTone.